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Archaelogical Area: At about 3km south from the town centre you can find the archaelogical area of Locri Epizefiri, that preserves, almost integrally, the ancient city. It was defended by a fortified wall of 7 km still visibile in most parts.

At the exterior of the wall you can find the necropolis, while most of the sacred parts of the town are located near the walls.

The sanctuaries , that are situated inside the walls include templar monuments dated back to the archaic period, while those located directly outside the walls have a lesser monumental appearance, even though many religious offerings were found on the grounds.

The sanctuaries among the temples that have been discovered, the Sanctuary of Persefone is the one in better condition. It has been defined by Diodoro Siculo as "the most famous sanctuary in Southern Italy”

The archaeological importance of the Sanctuary of the Mannella consists in the extraordinary value of the offerings found: images in terracotta, vases, small paintings in terracotta, mirrors and inscriptions dating between the VII and the II century B.C.



Travel Time:
53 Km - Circa 51min
Map of Locri: