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The Residence Il Faro is happy to offer you tips on various interesting itineraries that you may enjoy other than relaxing on our wonderful private beach.


Badolato is an ancient medievel town situated 240 metres above sea level at about 5 km away from the Badolato marina. It is a millenium village that still preserves intact it’s medieval urban structure.


Bivongi is an italian town in the Locri area, located 149 km from Reggio Calabria and 76 km from Catanzaro. It is situated in the Stillaro Valley at the foot of Monte Consolino


In 2010 it was voted in the 78 th place among the 20 most beautiful villages in Italy. It is situated in the Aspromonte National Park. The town is located on a cliff at 470 m above sea level and is about 10 km from the Ionian Coast...


Archaelogical Area: At about 3km south from the town centre you can find the archaelogical area of Locri Epizefiri, that preserves, almost integrally, the ancient city. It was defended by a fortified wall of 7 km still visibile in most parts.


Mammola is an important touristic, gastronomical and artistic town on the Ionian side of the Locri inland. It is located between the sea and the mountains, l’Aspromonte and the Serre. Mammola has also an important artistical, historical and cultural pat


This museum opened in 2015 and contains artificats of the the ancient greek city of Kaulon. Among the many artifacts, the most precious are certainly the ancient coins


Pazzano: quaint little town situated between Monte Stella and Monte Consolino and it extends to the north to the lush green Serre Vibonese.

Roccella Jonica

Roccella Jonica – The history of Roccella Jonica can be traced back to the era of the Magna Grecia.

Soverato - Pietragrande

Soverato has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Ioian Coast and his home to numerous restaurants and lounge bars. It is an important historical town: from the Sicilian to the Greek domination. The Greek founded a village now called Poliporto.


Stilo is a spectacular village situated in the Consolino Mountain dominated by the ruins of the ancient Norman Castle..