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Bivongi is an italian town in the Locri area, located 149 km from Reggio Calabria and 76 km from Catanzaro. It is situated in the Stillaro Valley at the foot of Monte Consolino.

The town is geographically part of Locride and is famous for its Cascata del Marmarico, the tallest of the Southern Appenine mountains with its waterfall of 120 m. The waterfall is situated in the Stillaro river.

The Monastery of St. John Theristis: It is located in the countryside of the town of Bivongi in a valley dominated by the steep Consolino Mountain called Byzantine Valley of Stilaro.

Everything in this area reminds us of monasticism and the byzantine world. The small monastery with a few cells is situated left to the huge granite archway that leads to the courtyard and then to the basilica. At the end of the courtyard you can find the ruins of the ancient monastery. The basilica of St John Theristis is dated back to the end of the XI century.

Ecomuseo delle Ferriere- ACAI  (Calabrese Archeological Industrial Association) has its main office in Bivongi and in 1982 brought to life the Eco-musuem of the Forges and Foundries Calabria. The area in fact is very rich in metal mines and there is great interest involved in the steel and metallurgy industry.

Ancient history and local tradition combine to what is called industrial archaeology. We highly reccomend to all tourists visiting Calabria not to limit themselves to our wonderful beaches but to adeventure in the discovery of a part of Italy’s industrial history.



Travel Time:
20 Km - Circa 40min
Map of Bivongi: